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My Lifesaver for Eating Healthy When Times get Cray Cray

Healthy is always a hot topic and more so in 2020 than ever. With so much advice, opinions and inputs hitting our screens, it can be hard to understand what constituents staying healthy.

I have always had a passion for health and helping others to upgrade their lifestyle to benefit their health and goals. For me 2020 has proven, that having a simple and sustainable routine to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key.

From working in a busy London hospital in the height of the pandemic with little to no light at the end of the tunnel. I knew my daily health routine was going to take a hit. No gyms, limited time for exercise, scavenger hunting for food at the supermarket (not to forget the toilet paper!). Times were bleak at best. But I always had my trusted meal replacement shakes in my bag for when I had little time for food prep or had to take a super quick break or even a breakfast/ lunch on the go!

Not only did this help me keep nutrition up, but also eased the stress of what to eat. Knowing I had such a good meal in my bag was the safety net lifeline I needed in the height of the pandemic.

As things have started to move back a close version of normal, I still have and use this meal replacement shakes to help me maintain nutrition on the go and reduce the burden of meal prep.

Knowing I am fuelling my body with an array of nutrients is vital to keeping me happy, content and energised to crack on with life and enjoy its beauty.

Who else loves having the energy and time to really grab life by the horns!?

If you would like to find out more about the use of meal replacement shakes to streamline your daily health and wellness routine.

Now I understand this lifesaver is not for everyone but if you are open to investing in your health and think this might benefit your current situation, I would be more than happy to help.

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