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The Isabella Pendant Necklace Silver Tanzanite is an amazing piece that will make any outfit look more elegant and glamorous.

The pendant is shaped like a four-petal flower, encrusted with sparkling simulated diamonds and featuring a dangling pear-shaped Tanzanite gemstone centrepiece.

A December birthstone, Tanzanite is commonly believed to facilitate a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition and perception. Some believe that it aids in detoxifying the body and improving vitality. It is said to be a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence. If you have a loved one with a December birthday, show them how much you care with a unique gift!

The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, and the pendant measures 3.5cm in length and 1.4cm in width. The total weight of the necklace is 5.4 grams. You can adjust the chain length from 40 to 43cm to find the perfect fit that will best complement your neckline.

No matter the occasion, big or small, we think the Isabella Pendant Necklace should be your go-to choice.

Isabella Pendant Necklace Silver Tanzanite

SKU: 405037ed
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