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Introducing the Situational Judgement Test 2023: Your Path to Success as a Pre-Registration Pharmacist


Are you ready to embark on your journey towards becoming a successful pre-registration pharmacist? The Situational Judgement Test 2023, designed specifically for Oriel applicants, is your essential tool for assessing your readiness for the challenges ahead. This paper is meticulously crafted to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your decision-making skills in real-life scenarios, all within the context of a pre-registration pharmacist's role.


Part 1: Ranking Responses


In the first part of this assessment, you will be presented with a series of situations that you may encounter during your pre-registration pharmacist training. Your task is to rank the five given responses in order of effectiveness or appropriateness. The key here is to carefully consider each response and assign them a unique rank without any ties. This part of the test evaluates your ability to prioritize actions and make informed decisions under pressure, essential qualities for any aspiring pharmacist.


Remember, this test rewards not only the correct answers but also near-misses, acknowledging the subtleties of your judgment.


Part 2: Selecting Responses


The second part of the Situational Judgement Test 2023 challenges you to choose THREE responses from a set of eight possible options, all of which address the situation when executed together. This part tests your ability to synthesize information, evaluate multiple responses, and select the most suitable course of action when faced with complex scenarios.


As a pre-registration pharmacist, you may often find yourself in situations where you need to make critical decisions based on the information available to you. While you may sometimes feel the need for more data before responding, this test evaluates your capacity to make sound judgments based solely on the provided information. 


To succeed in this part, you must carefully assess the given options and select the three responses that, when combined, best address the situation at hand. This aspect of the test assesses your ability to adapt and respond effectively to dynamic and multifaceted challenges.


Prepare yourself for the demands of the pharmacy profession and ensure your readiness for the Oriel SJT assessment in 2023. The Situational Judgement Test 2023 is your trusted companion on your journey to becoming a competent and confident pre-registration pharmacist. Start honing your decision-making skills today and take the first step towards a successful career in pharmacy.

Situational Judgement Test 6 (2023)

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