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Introducing the Zodiac Horoscope Star Sign Bracelet Leo! This beautiful bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver and features hand-set multifaceted white zirconia on a star sign motif. It's easily adjustable to fit most wrist sizes using the size adjuster from 14.5cm to 17cm. Choose from 22ct gold, 22ct rose gold or rhodium plating.

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone special, this bracelet makes the perfect gift for any occasion. So let's find out more about this gorgeous Leo bracelet...

As one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo is associated with strength, determination and stability. Ruled by the sun, Leo is also known for being warm-hearted, self-expressive and proud. If you're a Leo, you probably have no trouble being the centre of attention and enjoy being surrounded by luxury.

Like the Lion, the Leo zodiac sign is known for its regal nature, which is perfectly reflected in this luxurious bracelet that sparkles like the sun itself. And at 1.9g, it's so light you'll barely feel it on your wrist.

The Zodiac Horoscope Star Sign Bracelet Leo makes a wonderful gift for anyone born between July 23rd and August 22nd. But it's also an excellent choice for someone who simply has an affinity for luxury.

Zodiac Horoscope Star Sign Bracelet Leo

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