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Make a beautiful statement with the stunning Zodiac Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklace, perfect for any modern fashionista. Boasting natural lapis lazuli for a deep blue twinkle that’s as wondrous as the night sky, this necklace is encased in 925 sterling silver with handset white cubic zirconia detailing. The silver reverse of the pendant features cut-out stars where the lapis lazuli peeps through and your astrological sign's unique name engraved on it.

Taurus celebrate birthdays between April 20 & May 20 and is a sign of stability and strength. Those born under this sign are known for their hardworking attitude, patience, and determination. The Taurus symbol is the bull, which represents its strong will. With an appreciation for beauty and luxury, they strive to make life comfortable and luxurious.

With a diameter of 2cm and an adjustable chain length of 40-45cm, to allow you to wear long or short, this gorgeous piece of jewellery has a total weight of 5.3 grams. Ideal for someone looking to add a touch of sparkle to their style. With its bold detail, friendly and fashionable aesthetic, go zodiac chic today with the Zodiac Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Star Constellation Pendant Necklace Silver!

Zodiac Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Star Constellation Pendant Necklace Silver Taurus

SKU: 95a20ce2
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