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Our Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver is the perfect way to show off and celebrate your horoscope sign! This perfect piece of jewellery will be sure to add that special touch of sophistication and vintage chic to any outfit. Crafted from sterling silver and set with multifaceted white zircons, each pendant features the symbolic design for one of the twelve star signs. Choose your own sign or buy one for a friend or loved one, whichever way, you’re sure to fall head over heels in love with this stunning piece!

Librans celebrate birthdays between September 23 - October 22. They are known for their intelligence, sociability and charm. Having an innate sense of justice and fairness, they often seek out harmony in all areas of life. Libras love beauty - they delight in the finer things in life, appreciate art and culture, and enjoy spending time with friends.

The lobster clasp and size adjuster make it easy to tailor the necklace to flatter most necklines (40-45cm), while its compact dimensions ensure that it’s comfortable without being too overpowering. Lightweight at just 2.6 grams you’ll feel beautifully adorned without worrying about any added bulk. Get ready to channel your inner style icon with our Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver!

Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver Libra

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